QTYONE Business Plan for the Dysfunctional Families Kickstarter Relaunch – Part 1

Between my first attempt to launch Dysfunctional Families on Kickstarter and now, there has been an exciting new advancement in card game printing. DriveThruCards has started offering tuckboxes on single orders of a deck of cards. They are now my #1 choice for Quantity One (the ability to produce ONE end product for a customer) card game production.

This post will describe how I set up Dysfunctional Families as a QTYONE project and will fill in some broad strokes of what would be success levels beyond the minimum and how the project can scale up to a traditional publishing model if it sufficiently successful.

Feel free to use this as a model for setting up your own card game projects and to ask questions below.

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MakePlayingCards is Creating a QTYONE Marketplace

MakePlayingCards.com (MPC) just announced that they will be offering a marketplace so that card creators can sell their creations directly with no upfront fees. This means creators can use them as a QTYONE storefront.

My first printed demo decks of Dysfunctional Families were printed with MPC and I found their printing to be extremely high quality. Very slick and they feel very good to shuffle. For me, it was right up there with buying a “real” deck of cards that was printed in volume. The turnaround time from MPC is also very fast — as it should be from a POD printer.

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