MakePlayingCards is Creating a QTYONE Marketplace (MPC) just announced that they will be offering a marketplace so that card creators can sell their creations directly with no upfront fees. This means creators can use them as a QTYONE storefront.

My first printed demo decks of Dysfunctional Families were printed with MPC and I found their printing to be extremely high quality. Very slick and they feel very good to shuffle. For me, it was right up there with buying a “real” deck of cards that was printed in volume. The turnaround time from MPC is also very fast — as it should be from a POD printer.

Dysfunctional Families demo cards printed by MPC with plastic box
Dysfunctional Families demo cards printed by MPC with plastic box

In addition to my own printing projects, I’ve also gotten decks of cards printed by MPC for other Kickstarter campaigns and they were also extremely high quality printing.

In low quantities, their pricing is higher than that of other POD card printing services, however, with that higher price comes a much better playing card feel.

Beyond their ability to print single decks, MakePlayingCards also offers progressively better and better discounts for larger print runs — so that if you have a project that can scale up to printing hundreds or thousands of decks they can provide the same quality printing with significant price discounts.

from their facebook post:

MPC Mar·ket·Place (mär′kĭt-plās′)
1. An online arena where designers can easily sell their playing card and card game designs in their own Shop Space through the website
3. A place where card designers can make lots of money.
2. An all in one platform with no upfront costs as we, the manufacturer will take care of everything.
MPC MarketPlace [beta release] – Will be made available from next week onwards.
Stay tuned!

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