Eric pointing
“We are so damn pretty!”

I don’t use “we” here at Igpay Games to make it look like this is some kind of huge company. It’s just me — Eric1.

I’d like to do my part to entertain you — as if hanging on to a tiny ball of dirt whirling around the galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour wasn’t entertaining enough2.

Although I’ve been involved in producing a bunch of video games, I think that board and card games are a better way to enjoy contact with other people. Hanging out with friends and getting to catch up with them and their lives while engaging in some non-electronic activity is a great way to unwind.

And that’s what Igpay Games is about.

– Eric


  1. Except for when I choose to speak using the “Royal We” — because I am so overflowing with ego.
    Wikipedia: Royal We
  2. Yup. We (presuming you and I are both Earthlings) are all whirling around the galaxy center at 490,000 miles per hour. And nobody has given us a speeding ticket… yet.
    Scientific American: How fast is the earth moving?