New Halloween Warmonger Robots – Free Download

To go along with the new Warmonger Halloween Limited Edition on Kickstarter, I’ve made 4 new Robots. You can download them for free as a pdf right now!

Halloween 2018 Robots:
The Black Cat, The Witch Queen, The Zombie Nation, and The Suits

And be sure to check out the Warmonger Halloween Kickstarter campaign to get your own copy of Warmonger (in original Pack-of-Death Edition, USA Edition, or Halloween Edition).

Kickstarter – What happens when you press the “Continue to launch” BIG GREEN BUTTON?

Dysfunctional Families Kickstarter Campaign – Part 1

Ever wonder what happens when you go to launch a Kickstarter campaign?

I wondered. I couldn’t find any information about it.

So this is what I found happens:

First you submit your project for approval. Depending on some mysterious formula, it will either take a few days for a human to review it or the website will instantly approve your project. In my case, I got instant approval and was presented with the “Continue to launch” BIG GREEN BUTTON.

Ah… but what happens when you press the BIG GREEN BUTTON ?

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