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Right now — use the link below to download a Print & Play version of Dysfunctional Families.
Right click on the link and use “Save file as” to save it to your computer. Then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Dysfunctional Families B/W Print&Play pdf file download

Get the Dysfunctional Families B/W Print&Play google drive file

This file is black and white and designed to print on 8½x11 paper.
Just cut out the cards and start playing.


Warmonger: The Ultimate Card Game Of War™ Downloadable Content

Large Print PDF of the Rules for Warmonger: The Ultimate Card Game of War

Print and Play PDF of Warmonger: The Ultimate Card Game of War
(requires 2 decks of playing cards with the same back design to assemble, includes rules)

Add Ons for Warmonger

Printable Playmat PDF b/w

Printable Playmat PDF color


Here is a PnP version of the Prototype of my newest project: the RamboPawn Prototype

PnP RamboPawn Prototype v03

See the RamboPawn site for more information about RamboPawn and a development blog with all sorts of stuff about the design process.


Thanks for joining my email list and look forward to more emails from me with more games and more insights into indie game design and publishing! — Eric