Dysfunctional Families Custom AKA Cards

Yes! You can be IMMORTALIZED in Dysfunctional Families with your pledge for the AKA reward level on Kickstarter!

Here is the list of all the cards that can be customized with AKA, if the card is crossed out then it is already taken:
(The Mad Scientist and The Pimp are already taken)

Family cards that can be customized with AKA:

  1. The Arsonist
  2. The Arsonist’s Wife
  3. The Arsonist’s Son
  4. The Arsonist’s Daughter
  5. The Axe Murderer
  6. The Axe Murderer’s Wife
  7. The Axe Murderer’s Son
  8. The Axe Murderer’s Daughter
  9. The Cannibal
  10. The Cannibal’s Wife
  11. The Cannibal’s Son
  12. The Cannibal’s Daughter
  13. The Drug Dealer
  14. The Drug Dealer’s Wife
  15. The Drug Dealer’s Son
  16. The Drug Dealer’s Daughter
  17. The Evil Villain
  18. The Evil Villain’s Wife
  19. The Evil Villain’s Son
  20. The Evil Villain’s Daughter
  21. The Mad Scientist
  22. The Mad Scientist’s Wife
  23. The Mad Scientist’s Son
  24. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
  25. The Outlaw
  26. The Outlaw’s Wife
  27. The Outlaw’s Son
  28. The Outlaw’s Daughter
  29. The Pimp
  30. The Pimp’s Wife
  31. The Pimp’s Son
  32. The Pimp’s Daughter
  33. The Stand-Up Comic
  34. The Stand-Up Comic’s Wife
  35. The Stand-Up Comic’s Son
  36. The Stand-Up Comic’s Daughter
  37. The Zombie
  38. The Zombie’s Wife
  39. The Zombie’s Son
  40. The Zombie’s Daughter

Power People cards that can be customized with AKA:

  1. The Bloodhound
  2. The CPS Agent
  3. The FBI Agent
  4. The Nosy Neighbor
  5. The Parole Officer
  6. The Private Detective
  7. The Psychic
  8. The Social Worker
  9. The Space Alien
  10. The NSA Agent

Here are images of all the cards:

Please note that the exact text on the cards is subject to change slightly between now and publication in order to improve gameplay.