The Importance of Improv in Daily Life

One of the most powerful self-improvement things I ever did for myself was taking improv classes (the other biggie was weight-training).

I see improv as somewhat like a meditation training — it trains one to be as in-the-moment as possible.

When I was in high-school taking karate, I loved the sparring because everything else in the world disappears while fighting another person. If you let your mind drift to something that happened that morning, you wind up getting hit. Improv is a similar experience, but without the “getting hit in the face” part.

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Thoughts on Kickstarter Funding Goals

It seems that a lot of Kickstarted projects run into trouble when trying to fulfill their reward levels because of the difficulty of predicting the future. A reward level could have been unexpectedly popular or unpopular and the cost of fulfilling it could be way off from predictions. Stretch goals are sometimes added without understanding their effects on costs.

I’ve looked at how a bunch of creators describe their math and I think that I may have a better simplification of how to do the financial planning.

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Intro to QTYONE: The Game Crafter Enables QTYONE Production


QTYONE is a term I use to describe the ability to create one item and deliver it to a customer. This has a whole bunch of business advantages including the ability to service any order (no matter how small) and removing the need to keep inventory of finished product on hand.

As printing technology has improved, it has become more and more cost-effective to print a single item as a finished product. This is referred to as Print-on-Demand (POD) printing.

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