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September 10, 2017
NOTE: You will also receive a FREE printable version of Warmonger. I am still putting this file together, so it might be sent to you in a separate email in a few days. To put together the game you’ll need 2 decks of regular playing cards with identical backs — the instructions will tell you how to turn cards from the second deck into the custom jokers needed for the game.
Thank you for your patience. I am working on a lot of things to be prepared for the Kickstarter launch! — Eric

About the FREE Dysfunctional Families Print & Play
It is set up as a 9 page black & white pdf file so that it is inexpensive to print. There are 3 pages with information about the game and 6 pages of game cards to print out and then cut out into individual cards. It is quick and easy to print out and set up and it is also quick and easy to learn how to play.


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